Olexx the Puffin

The story behind our puffin

we believe that lawyers and legals of the future, as of yesterday/today, should be agile and bold:


  • bold enough to make choices in the best interest of people and society
  • confident enough to dare to make that choces and to step up
  • independent enough to be able to make that choices and to speak up
  • agile to change, to be able to react and respond to the challenges of our new digital and data world.
Olexx the puffin

Time for more color and more agility!

The lawyer of the old days is often characterized by a black and white penguin. But it is time for change! Also for these old professionals of lawyers and legals. Time for more color and more agility! 

More color and more agility is reflected in our logo, in Olexx the Puffin. The puffin with its colored beak and feet represents to us the new legal professional that we envision: colorful, bold and agile.